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Birthday Girl

As I indicated yesterday, today was the day of Rebecca’s Birthday Extravaganza.

Extravaganza’s are evidently held at the local YMCA. I have to say, having gone there, I don’t know it would be fun to stay there as the song suggests. It was a dump. It looked more like an old scout hall than anywhere with a pulse.

The purpose of the Extravaganza was the Y put on a KinderGym for Rebecca and all of her hyper energetic friends. I was not feeling energetic at all. Despite having a night off I couldn’t sleep till 0530 and was awake at 9 buying presents and getting to the party. I had the energy of a coma patient.

Still much fun was had by all, if you were under 6. The parents (and uncle) sat on the bleachers and looked with envy at their offspring. There was much bouncing and swinging. I was told by Rebecca I wasn’t allowed to bounce on the trampoline as I was too small. Ahhh three-year olds…. bless them.

After exhausting themselves into a frenzy, it was time for birthday lunch, picked by Rebecca for her favourites. As such, there was peanut butter bread, Vegemite bread, cheese sticks, muffins, hedgehog slice, more muffins, watermelon and some more muffins.

Then there was birthday cake, by which time Rebecca had, as they say in  parenting circles, hit the wall. To avert a major meltdown we all had to sing Happy Birthday in hushed tones like this:

Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you….


Hip Hip Hooray was even quieter.

Presents were opened at home once meltdown had been averted. I was not there for that. I had gone home to get some sleep before work. I do have a picture of Rebecca enjoying her present however she is nude in the pic (she loves to be naked).  Instead, as promised, here is the Princess Dress she got from me for Christmas.

So HB Rebecca. Next year I’m bringing food for the adults.


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This little pudding is three today.

In terms of age, this is extraordinarily old, according to her. She officially refers to herself as a big girl now.

The major birthday party is tomorrow. I had a three-second conversation with her on the telephone where she ascertained that I had bought her a present then passed me onto her father.

Three going on Thirty.

Happy Birthday, Rebecca. I fibbed to you about the present but I am sure I will have something spectacular by the time of the party.

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