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Just saying…


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Which is really ironic as my rash is back in spades after a couple of days of seeming relief.

Things on my list to do for my parents:

Arrange train trip from Zürich To Paris.

Where in Paris do they arrive? There are thousands of train stations

Arrange for them to transfer to train to Disneyland Paris (bless).  Print out internet page that describe this, assuming they are arriving at the train station I want.

Book trip from Paris to Exeter

If this is too expensive, book a trip to Paris, book overnight hotel in Paris, book flight from Paris to Exeter the next day.

If  THAT is too expensive, book a trip from Paris to London, book hotel for overnight stay in London, book them theater tickets for that evening in London, book them passage from London to Exeter either on plane, train or bus.

As such, while I explore the fifty or more permutations of websites to ensure they get there and in the best value, heres Little Lulu, who is travelling how I feel.

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What The???? Monkey Love

These are proving oddly popular. I get lots of comments off site to continue them. I like them as they are an easy post and I can get oddly smug about doing my work in advance.

I may spread them out a bit though. I also have taken on KB’s excellent idea of a blog about childhood crushes. Put your thinking caps on for that. I want lots of comments then.

However, in the mean time….

Do you think the smoked a cigarette afterwards???

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Was gonna write a blurb tonight but I feel completely ploppy (not as ploppy as JW, however, whose tonsils I could see from 10000 miles away) so quick one tonight. Thank God for the joys of a gentler time of publishing comics.

Interestingly I used to have such a crush on Chuch Connors.

I dunno, that comic cover just astounds me. Seriously, did no one see it???? The rifleman’s come hither sneer, the boy’s eyes, got wood… just a complete classic of it all going wrong. This comic sells for a fortune now. I doubt anyone has read the inside.

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What The????? Hot Alien Love

Some things just speak for themselves.

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As consolation for my whingey feeling sorry for myself cos I’ve got a rash that is driving me insane post; more comic inappropriateness.

It would appear it’s not just Batman who gets into the act:

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What The???? Some More…

Easy one tonight. I am weary and I went into work on a night I am not rostered, yet again!! I may make a feature out of these. Easy blog on standby for when, like tonight, I am completely spent.

I know my mind is in the gutter lately but seriously….. the editor didn’t think “No way can this be misconstrued!!!”

Discuss amongst yourselves…

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