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My parents, my Uncle John and Aunty Jean and My Uncle Albert and Aunty Eileen all were engaged on the same day.  They all married the same year, although different dates obviously.  And all of them, against the odds, are celebrating fifty years of marriage this year.

So this year,it was decided that the families would reunite to celebrate the momentous event. So the Australian contingent returned to the UK, there being less of us than there are of them. It was decided to have a formal dinner and invite the families. Today we went to St Olaves hotel to celebrate together.  In the process of organising it though, one family had to drop out due to illness, so the family pics are a lot less in number than there would be.  There are trillions of relatives over here.

Back row: (L to R) James Sr, James Jr, Hannah, John, moi, Dad, Michelle, Andrew, Alexander, Pete, Sue  Seated: Mum, Jean, Jen.

It’s a strange thing, families. James Sr and James Jr I havent seen for 15 years.  Last time I saw James Jr he was a five-year old asking me what it felt like to cross the equator. Oh yes, I reminded him of that. Lives go on and people get on with it. You’re united by blood and don’t know each other all that well. Initially there is that horrible awkwardness as you struggle to work out what to say to someone you really don’t know.

Then everyone got drunk and you couldn’t stop us all talking.

Highlights of the day included me convincing Deb’s children, Maizie (12) and Jasper (7) to try to enjoy Jerusalem artichoke soup. Given that their favourite food is chicken nuggets this is a considerable achievement. That they enjoyed it was even more of an achievement. Jasper telling me he heard the Easter Dinosaur last night. It’s working. Family gossip galore which I am far too discreet to reveal (plus wouldn’t mean anything to anyone) but was delicious. The wine was excellent. Jean and John are notorious for not allowing anyone to leave their premises sober. Other than the designated drivers, they did their reputation proud.

The biggest highlight obviously was the families getting together to celebrate 5 children, 9 grandchildren, two countries and 100 years of marriage. An amazing achievement by anyone’s standards.

Not that they read this however congratulations Allen and Yvonne and Jean and John (and Eileen and Albert, who were sorely missed.)  50 years of being with the same person, through thick and thin. Amazing really!

You get less for murder.


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My parents are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. My Father is celebrating his 70th birthday.  This makes my Dad 19 when he got married and 20 when he had Andrew, which is astoundingly baby like.  Their request to celebrate two momentous milestones is to come here, to a Disneyland and stay in the Disneyland Hotel. (If I am truly honest, if I were to reach 70 and/ or 50 years – unlikely unless I meet someone today and live till 95 – I would ask for something else for a present. But that’s me and it’s not my moment.)  So here we are in Disneyland Paris for the week and the parents are in heaven.

I let them be yesterday as I was feeling wretched and they skeedaddled off, systematically riding every ride in every land.  Shopping till they dropped. My nieces have that many Princess dresses and accessories now that we are going to have to make a separate post as we are way over luggage. Every niche of this park has been explored by them. They are exhausted.

What impresses me about my parents is there is no ride they will not attempt. Space Mountain 2, which is awesome and has two inversions, Indiana Jones, runaway mining cart roller coaster with one inversion, Big Thunder Mountain, which you need to come here and try if you’ve only done the lame California one. Nothing is missed. Which is very impressive for a 71 and 70-year-old.  Slap on the heart patches and away we go.

They may keep their eyes closed while riding but, hey, at least they’re there.  The tourist photos the rides take and then try to sell you are hysterical. Each time they are there, eyes tightly shut. If it weren’t for the fact that the photos are so expensive we could have a record of every ride ridden, eyes wide shut. Ahhhhh, memories….

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