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So yesterday, as technically this is posted on the 30th, was my birthday. I turned 46.

I have absolutely no idea why this number, out of all of them, was so utterly soul-destroying but, nevertheless, I had a mid-life crisis of confidence of epic proportions, which I shan’t bother you with nor with the fall out.

Let’s just say I wish it was easy to solve by buying a Porsche.

The problem was though, on top of all this which was crushing anyway, my birthday was just crap. Had it been any other day, it would have been crap. As it was my birthday, it was mega crap.

All my family (bar one) are overseas; all of my friends bailed on me with our plans for the day; I got two birthday cards, one of which was from my mortgage broker.

When my plans for seeing people all fell through, I spent the day trying to find a laundrette that specialises in cleaning dunas.  I’m sure I didn’t dream that there was a special washing/ dryer machine in the laundrettes especially for the cleaning and fluffing of dunas.

The nice thing was going to my brother’s for birthday dinner and getting my most awesome birthday cake, as decorated by my three-year old buzzing-on-sugar niece. In case you want to repeat it, it’s a mandarin cake with orange icing as you can never have too much citrus. The sprinkles are lovingly thrown on in a seemingly random, yet abstract art like, manner. You can never have enough sprinkles, either.

She has skills.

It could have been worse. Could have been a Jehovah’s Witness. Not even birthday cake then….


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Happy Birthday To Me

Dont panic. It’s not my birthday and you missed it. My Birthday is on June 29. You missed it then. 🙂

Wesley sent me a birthday card before my birthday from Charlotte, North Carolina and we weren’t hopeful it would arrive in time for my birthday in Adelaide, South Australia.

As you can sort of see, the card was posted on the 21st of June

Today, the 28th of September I received it. That’s almost 3 months late. One of the things that can happen (note to my  international fan base) is that if you write SA instead of South Australia then the letter/ post etc is likely to go to South Africa. It’s wierd like that.

HOWEVER not in this case. In this case, and according to the absolutely unclear photo below, the card arrived in Newton (my nearest post office) on the 24th June.

I know the pic is not clear but, trust me, it says the 24th June. So it arrived in South Australia 5 days before my birthday and today, 28th September I get it. So my question, and it’s not an unreasonable question, is what has it been doing in the last 3 months? Did it slip behind a desk? Did it get sent elsewhere? (no evidence of that on the envelope) Was it, and I suspect this is the truth, held by an evil employee of Australia Post whom, for some unknown reason because I am a saint, has a grudge against me??? This one makes the most sense.

Anyway my birthday card. Three months late and still gratefully received, thank you Wesley and Trey.  My birthday stretched for three months this year. That’s a record, even for me.

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