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with apologies to John Denver

All my bags are packed (to the brim!!!!) I’m ready to Go (as long as I dont pay excess luggage – bastards)

Im standing here outside your door  ( no, no problems there – barged the door down and woke you up and told you to feed the dogs)

I’d hate to wake you up to say goodbye (well Im leaving in 8 hours Still Im preemptive)

But the dawn is breakin’ It’s early morn (It’s going to snow. It’s going to fricking snow. I am fricking leaving and today is the day it snows. I LOVE snow. I am so, so, so, so, so annoyed and I don’t think Wesley realised I had such a colourful vocabulary. Welcome to Nigel’s fricking life!)

The taxi’s waitin’ he’s blowing his horn (yeah, that part aint true. Late afternoon flight and Wesley is dropping me off. Some artistic licence here)

Already I’m so lonesome I could die (that’s a really good line, cuts like a knife)

So kiss me and smile for me (if you don’t weep buckets, you’re gonna be in so much trouble! lol)

Tell me that you’ll wait for me (so not an issue.  An aside: the very first time I heard this played was with my friend Robert Debenham and I was eight. He played this for me on his guitar. An easy song to learn I guess. I knew I was different after that song)

Hold me like you’ll never let me go (ok, that one cut like a knife too)

Cause I’m leaving ona jet plane (please don’t crash, please don’t crash, please don’t crash)

Don’t know when I’ll be back again ( this is true. The lap of the gods is a big one)

Oh baby, I hate to go (ouch)

To everyone invloved in my most excellent holiday, old and new friends alike, thank you for a fabulous time. You know who you are. Love you. Please don’t let it be too long before we can hug again.


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Meeting of the Minds

Hopefully you have all read THIS already which will you give you an alternate perspective on the night’s events. The Brad has an excellent way of being succinct and hysterical. I will be far more verbose.  My apologies if you’re coming here for the first time from his site.

Brad was the first (and only, thus far) person of giving me the honour of linking my silly little blog in his list of blog websites on his personal webpage. I was deeply touched and vowed to touch base with him should my paths ever cross. We have been having a spate of just missing each others, he was in London at the same time as myself, I was in Maryland earlier in the year and hadn’t made the connection he lived there. This time I gave him PLENTY of warning I was coming and we arranged to meet up.

This was completely surreal. Although we sorta kinda knew each other from our blogs (and, by extension, his extended blog family of whose adventures I also keep abreast) you don’t really know the person at all. So meeting up is a risk. I could be a serial killer, he could be a serial killer, we could hate each other instantly, all of those things. Fortunately none of those things occurred and we had an excellent evening chewing the fat, as much as we could hear each other.

We attempted to find an outback Steakhouse to further add to the surreal experience however couldn’t find one. We instead chose to go to the Buffalo Wild Wings Sport And Grill Bar. Fascinatingly nether of us liked either buffalo wings or sports so this place had our name written all over it. It was also packed and instantly noisy as evidently there was some type of sporting event happening. We were also waited on by a man I will nickname Harry, after Harry Potter due to his capacity to disappear. Harry was possibly the worst server I have ever experienced here in the states. Not only did he disappear for hours on end he brought our appetizer and main meal at the same time (really????) and when it was time to pay the bill I had to actively look for him. Brad and I could have literally travelled back to Australia on the 14 hour flight before Harry would have realized we were gone.

Despite this, and the fact neither of us knew anything about sports or why the people were cheering, it was an excellent night. Brad turns into a pumpkin really early so I had to let him go earlier than I liked. I would have liked to have gone to somewhere quieter and chat rather than scream personal insights to each other across the table. Nevertheless we had a good chat and I discovered stuff about him and he me that blogs just don’t quite do justice to. And there was so much I forgot to tell him. Like I forgot tell him I call his blog brad-adaption cos my brain fumbles over bradaptation.

Meeting blog buddies is weird though. It’s like a half-finished conversation all the way through. You allude to something and the person knows what you’re talking about as you blogged about it months ago. Surreal. In the haste to escape screaming testosterone land though we forgot to get a picture of ourselves together. So in his honour I took a picture from my motel window of his favourite place in the universe.

Brad. Email me. Call me. All of those things. It was good buddy. Lets do it again.

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History In The Making

I will write more about this for tomorrows blog but wanted to acknowledge THIS and the excellent time I had last night with THE Brad, fellow blogger and commenter on this site.

My take on the evening will be verbose, as ever. I have not learnt restraint in words as yet. However for Brad’s amusing take on events pop over there and leave a comment. Bloggers love comments.

And Brad. Great night! Cheers for that. Next time the Outback Steakhouse.

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It is ten weeks from today and I will be back in the US.

I am alternatively excited and overwhelmed at the sheer volume of stuff I need to do between now and then. Then I am excited again.

Ten weeks till  I am in Lala Land.

Eleven Weeks till I am in NC ( oh yes! )

Twelve weeks till I am in Murrylund (Brad, wanna catch up for a dinner?)

Thirteen Weeks till Thanksgiving.

Fourteen Weeks till I get really sad.

And Seventeen Weeks till Christmas.

(You all clenched then didn’t you?!)

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