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Walking In The Air

AKA Walk till you Drop part two.

The  second half of the day was spent at Brighton Pier.

It’s a very British thing, the seaside pier.
A relic of the days of the British Summer Holiday before people realised the continent really wasn’t that far away after all and was possibly much more interesting.

the piers have amusement arcades, fast food vans, tourist crap stalls. Here is where you can buy your Brighton rock and Kiss Me Quick hats, your jellied eels and your fish and chips.

Brighton pier has a fair ground at the end of it. the rides appear to be run by pugilists and i couldn’t bring myself to put my life in their hands.

Most of the time was spent in the amusement section of the pier. This is the building with the slot machines and the penny games. I’m not sure what they are called but essentially you put a 2 pence coin down this shoot, it collects on a pile of other 2 pence coins and if you time your coin correctly this automated sweeper thing pushes coins into your hands.  Thank god I took a picture cos I explained that really badly.

Anyway this is evidently completely fascinating and my mum, aunty and two cousins (along with the rest of Brighton) spent much time and two pences trying to convince the other two pence to leave the machine and join them.

It looked completely boring and pointless however I had been indulged in getting comics earlier so spent time reading them while my family spent their money on the tuppence machines. its rare for the man holding the bag of comics to feel morally superior and yet here we are.

However the absolute best bit about Brighton pier is it is featured in my all time favourite Christmas animation.


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