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Happy July 4

To all my US readers

Hope your fourth of July is a fantastic one full of fireworks and BBQs and waterholes and corn on the cob and all the other things I imagine proper July 4th’s should have. Wish I was there.

The above pin was taken from the closest I got to an American independence day.  We arrived in America in September 1976, the year of the bicentennial, and the evidence of the July 4th celebrations were everywhere. Including the awesome kitsch monstrosity that is the Mickey Mouse bicentennial pin seen above.  That image was everywhere. And to my 11-year-old brain, was the best image ever.

So, given that if I were there I’d be wearing a stars and stripes suit specially for the occasion, I wish I was there to share your day and hope your enjoy your rare public holiday. And I’d look fabulous in that suit. On so many levels, my not being there, its your loss. 🙂


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