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Well firstly there is this.

Loving the scenery here and the history of the architecture here is astounding. It’s also delightful with the chalets on the sides of mountains. Very heidi -esque. Beautiful.

Man it is dear here. Evidently the tax here is quite small and the wages here are quite high. For example, the waitress serving us last night earns roughly 80,000 a year. That sounds wonderful but the meal of some sushi cost 118 dollars. Eek. Using an even more extreme example, a Big Mac small value meal (A Mac, small fries and coke) costs 11 Franks. For the British people in the room, that’s 7 pounds. For the Australians, that’s $11.50. For the Americans, that’s $12.70.


So it’s a lovely place to visit but, really, you need to get a second mortgage to do so.

For example, here’s some steak. A mere snip at 64 franks a kilogram.

Further quirkiness. We went to see Thor in 3D last night. I thought it would be more expensive but sadly, Australia, we’re paying the same amount for a 3D film. This was fine and I was, to my surprise, enjoying myself. Then halfway through the film, the lights come up and the film stops. Intermission. They have intermission here which is incredibly sweet. And annoying.  However they don’t care where they stop the film. Whatever is halfway, there goes the lights.  In Thor, it was in a boring scene of dialogue however that was pure fluke. I can imagine them doing it through pivotal fight scenes or expository scenes and, of course, when it comes back the movie has progressed. Fantastic!

The sad thing, of course, is that it works. Everyone got candy. I didn’t.  I had a point to prove.


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