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You may have noticed there was a Royal Wedding yesterday. It had a bit of press.  Unlike the last Royal Wedding, which I think was Edwards, people actually cared about this one. Well, sorta.

Being in Britain leading up to a Royal Wedding is a fascinating affair.  Unlike the Silver Jubilee or Charles and Diana’s wedding  there wasn’t an obvious outward showing of British pride. Very few shops had bunting, very few shops had Union Jacks.  some had displays and obvious excitement  but they were the exceptions, not the rule. They were more an oddity for their display of support. (I am talking British towns here, not London obviously, which has been a sea of Union Jacks since Monday.)  The overall opinion it seemed was ‘thanks for the public holiday.’ (Another fascinating quirk over here. As it is a public holiday and not a bank holiday, people who work do not get paid extra. Shame. ) In fact the overall impression of the interest in the Royal Wedding seems  to consist of “I want to see what she wears.” and if they were really interested, “I want to see what her hair looks like.”

But thanks for the public holiday.

Today was a different matter entirely. not only did people I know who had steadfastly refused to watch it, sit down glued to the tele but the great British Pride came out at last. “We do this better than anyone.” God Bless the Royals.” “We’re the only country with a Royal Family like this.”

It was rather sweet, even of they were hypocrites. Watching the wedding though it became apparent though that the whole affair was a dissection of everyone’s frocks. No one liked Eugenie and Beatrice’s outfit and I was particularly appalled at their panda eyes makeup.  Everyone like Kate’s dress but I was not won over. It was a bit too Bride of Christ for me. However, wowser, her sister looked amazing. And ohmigod, whose idea was the minibuses? “Useful coaches” they were described as by the BBC.  The genius of the useful coaches were how the minor  royals all fell out of them.  No one can exit a minibus with decorum.

The genius of the day was how  it united everyone. When I went to finish packing during the boring bits, ie the singing and the brother being really pious, there was no one on the streets of Exeter. You could have heard a pin drop.

In a weird quirk of timing I ended up in London that evening. Unfortunately I had to be up at 5 for a plane but man, that town was partying. The mood was incredibly jubilant. It’s a shame they can’t marry royals on a daily basis. The country would be back on its feet in no time.


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