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Wow, yesterday was a downer huh. Word must have gotten around cos no-one read it. Brad calls me a hit whore cos I will stand in front of the stat counter and hit refresh all the time. There is a sad element of truth to that. So no one came visiting yesterday, except for Wesley, bless him. Fortunately today’s post is less suicide inducing.

Moving onto the positives of last year, of which I am pleased to say there were many. It’s the first year ever I flew overseas twice for holidays. Normally I don’t take holidays which is why I have so many holidays up my sleeves. It’s also the year of the newest addition to the Vanstone clan. And some seriously amusing highlights. Speaking of:

Disneyland At Christmas

I make no apologies for being a Disney Kitsch lover. I love rides, I love theming, I love kitsch. Disney is a natural  fit. I timed my visit in November perfectly. The Halloween ornaments had just been removed and the Christmas Decorations were being put up. Disneyland Christmas was in full swing. When the park closes there is clearly an army of people working on decorating the place, as each day more and more decorations were evident.

And they looked really pretty.

So considering I love Christmas and all its kitschness, Disney, Christmas and me were a superb fit. Next year later in the year so at to see parades etc.

The Most Beautiful Moment


I still get teary when I recall that moment. And the joy of it was its spontaneity and being in the right place at the right time. It’s possibly one of those had to be there moments however, for me anyway, it was so beautiful and worth revisiting.

An Addition to the Top 10 Wonders of the Food World

I am still finishing up entries from the last trip to the US ( I know, right. I couldn’t organise the (insert your choice of event) in a (insert your choice of venue)) so I haven’t told you about the fantastic night I discovered these. Let me just say this.

Fried Pickles are the Food of The Gods!

Oh my Lord,  it was a revelation. They are pickle chips fried in a buttermilk batter and taste heavenly. Seriously they are the most amazing thing. They are one of the reasons I am returning to the US.

Speaking of Food of the Gods

The Burger that is Bubba

Oh man. Bubba Burgers, a burger in the shape of Texas and the best tasting burger in the US. I tried these  for the first time at Wesley’s birthday and I was completely hooked. I insisted we have them when I returned in November and they were as delicious as ever.  They now have turkey burgers which I havent tried yet but considering how much I love turkey and how much I love Bubba Burgers…….That’s a no brainer.

Lauren Emily

My newest niece. Completely gorgeous and the most docile baby you could ever hope for. My brother and Sister in Law are running around not believing their luck. This is the child that will squeal happily as her three-year old sister mashes her cheeks in with unrestrained strength. She is the picture of placid, until she is hungry. Then she is a typical Vanstone.

Way more to go (it was a great year!) but this one is running late. So Part 2 tomorrow.


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My niece was born on the 24th Of June 2010.  I started writing about it at the time however there was a bit of lull going on with me then and so didn’t finish it.

I’m  currently on nights and trying to get posts written ahead of schedule so as to maintain a daily input and get into practice for the next holiday. I have ten draft posts from that time, all incomplete. Some of them are less than giggles so you may not see them. This one I should have completed at the time.

Lauren Emily was born, as I said, on the 24th of June, the exact same day that Toy Story 3 was released. (This will become important later) In fact, as she was popping out I was at the cinema wearing my 3D glasses and loving the film. (Have you seen it? It’s really good!)

Anyway I come to visit the new niece after the film is done and that’s always a big deal. you know how some babies come out kinda squishy and they’re not actually all that attractive post birth (which, to be fair, is completely understandable. That’s a really small canal they’re coming through.)  Anyway babies are fine; I’m really good with babies but don’t lie to me and say all babies are beautiful. Some come out mished. Some come out perfect.

Lauren was perfect.

I mean seriously, is that not a pretty baby?

And this is from a man who prefers puppies.

In honour of her birth and in an effort to try to come up with a “Wow, Youre Alive” present that no-one else came up with I thought outside the box. Right outside.

So on the day of her birth Toy Story 3 was released and obviously I had to acknowledge that in her present.

So I got her this:

A Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure With Pop Out Wings.

Complete genius and something I wish someone had given me when I was born. (Actually I wish someone had bought me a Dalek that would have been the rage when I was born. I could sell it now and pay off my house.)

Now while this possibly reflected my dodgy mental state at the time, there was method in my madness.

Firstly no-one would have gotten her that. Unique gift. Tick.

Secondly, it was a time capsule present. I knew she couldn’t play with it for years (I only look stupid) however it could sit at the back of her cupboard and come out when she could play with it and then they would think of me. I may be dead or I may not be in the country and she can stop and think of her challenged uncle who thought this was an appropriate gift for a 3 hour old baby. And, hopefully, she’ll get smiles from it.

My Sister In Law, Alison, totally got it. Bless her. Thought it was fabulous and couldn’t stop laughing, which was the intent. My brother, Robin, God Love him…. yeah….. less impressed.

I don’t think I’m gonna be asked to be a Godparent.

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