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The completely genius thing about Switzerland is it is in Europe and Europe is both amazing and incredibly easy to access.  A car and a bit of patience and you can visit any country.  And each country has their own history and architecture and beauty and culture.  Within walking distance in some cases.  Or, as we did today, a 2 hour drive and we’re in Italy.  And today we visited Como.

Como is a city in Lombardy, Italy and is located around the gorgeous Lake Como. So as you walk the city, the villas surrounding the lake reflect in the water. It’s beautiful.

And after the shock of Swiss prices it was nice to shop in an area that didn’t require selling your first-born.  We had dinner there without needing to sell one of my nephews. The driving is insane though, both there and in Switzerland.  We were hit from behind while waiting at the road crossing. (All fine, minimum damage, realllllllllllly loud crash though) and we were almost side swiped in a really scary intersection. Spooky.

And I had this completely blonde moment as I was walking through the streets. There were loads of pizza places. I was amazed. Seriously. Then the penny dropped.

Mensa have requested their card back.


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