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When I was last in Charlotte Wesley gave me detailed instructions about how to pack a suitcase as part of my queer eye education.  Evidently throwing everything into the suitcase as haphazardly as possible then sitting on the suitcase to close it is not a valid strategy in the queer world. Perhaps the concept is if the customs guy opens your suitcase and sees the work of art therein  and wont bother upsetting the order in an effort to look for drugs or else it is an automatic sign pointing to your gayness and the swarthy customs man invites you back for a probing. I can but hope.

Anyway, in the interest of sharing my obsessiveness education (and cos I really should be sleeping not doing this) here is, in pictorial splendor, a guide to packing your suitcase like a gay (with lots of time on their hands)

Firstly just you to show you how far I have come here is the packing to be done prior to going overseas in 2010

and here is the packing to be done today, 2011:

First rule of thumb is to layer the bottom with papers. in this case, a load of car brochures wanted by Raymond (of the shooting and the speeding fame)

This is followed by underwear neatly folded and layered across the case like roof shingles.

Socks should live in shoes and the shoes like flat against the side of the case (this picture doesn’t show that, I know. I was trying to show the socks in the shoes)

Much like the boxers, shirts are lied flat and like roof shingles. To my chagrin I am taking 12 shirts in case I need to layer and/ or mix and match. I used to tease people like me once.

This is such a simple idea but genius, instead of rolling your belt into a spool and taking up room, run it around the outer rim of the suitcase. Takes up no room then

Finally coats and suits are folded and placed on top of the clothing.

Voila. You’re done. and only three hours after the people who cram their suitcases!

Don’t forget your tickets, money and passport and   go have fun. You wont need to iron when you get there.

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