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Wow, marijuana is the new circumcision it would appear, in terms of popularity to the blog. If I was circumcised while stoned I think I would have a million hits.

Anyway thanks forĀ  all the interest yesterday. I will answer the comments later. I will endeavour to find more hemp related stories while I am in the US.

Currently in Toronto airport and technically I think I am in the States as I have passed through US customs. Not nearly as much problem as last year though LA is clearly an easier process, probably cos they process so many people. The Toronto custom official completely flummoxed me by asking me how long i had been in Toronto. I kept saying I was in transit. Evidently the answer of twenty minutes was acceptable but I could feel another strip search coming on.

Anyway I am about to board a really tiny plane to go to Charlotte. It is a plane with propellers so if I die, avenge my death. More later, God willing.


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