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I love vending machines. It’s the only place you can get a sample of a country’s sweets in one easy access, push button window.  It’s like a barometer of the country.  Australia has a mixture of health and sweetness, the machine will be filled with an equal amount of  chocolate and health bars (which are as bad as the sweets but you can feel virtuous.)  America is all about the candy. Nothing healthy there and mostly peanut butter chocolate which is fine by me. Very fine by me.  The UK is all about the candy but also the health. Almost always the candy vending machine and the health vending machine are next to each other. And Switzerland is all about the candy. And the babies.

Oh yes, presenting the vending machine that gives you condoms and pregnancy tests with your milk chocolate.

Getting closer then

You can imagine the post coital Swiss going to the machine for some much-needed glucose after all their exercise and thinking wow, lets test for that baby cos we should have come here first and got some condoms. There were even lighters to light their cigarettes. The Swiss think of everything.

Also for sale in the vending machines is this delightful item.

Obviously I tried this. It tasted like Iced Tea but slightly bitter. No buzz to speak of which was incredibly disappointing. I tried seven and still no buzz.  Joke. Or is it? It actually tasted better than this drink, which is THE drink of Switzerland.

This is a carbonated drink made from milk whey which reflects the Swiss obsession with cows.  Obviously the first thing you do with milk is make fizzy drinks with it.  The family think it is disgusting however I didn’t think it was that bad. Just the marijuana ice tea was nicer. It is, however, a fizzy milk drink. It is the most popular drink here. Which just goes to show what a wacky bunch of people the Swiss are. Oh, do I have stories….


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