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History lesson for those who didn’t know this.

As a child I adored British comic books. Buster, Whizzer and Chips, Knockout, Krazy, Whoopee!!, Monster Fun…. way too many to mention. And, as my anal retentive nature developed, I lovingly kept each and every comic I had bought, Every Summer special, Every annual.

I kept these 40 plus year old comics in loving condition and, while they had no value to anyone else really, they were precious to me.

And that was the case until last year when a group of bastard termites had a lovely, heartbreaking meal.

After this disaster I then went mad and scoured Ebay trying to get some of my collection back to me. What I bought got to sent to my family in Britain whom I knew I would be visiting. The plan being I would come and sort them out and post them back to myself in Australia.

Today I did some sorting.

As my dad said, it would have been cheaper to have flown over and bought them personally and brought them back then. Wish I had thought of that then.

This is gonna be a bugger to post.

And there’s more to come in Exeter 🙂


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